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Yesterday we said goodbye to the weekend by exploring the Minecraft PE 1.19.2 full game version and today we can start a new week with another new release called Minecraft PE This version is a beta one and it brings much more changes than the one mentioned above.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Here is what problems have been successfully fixed this time by the MCPE developers:

  • Zombies destroy doors with an incorrect frequency when playing in certain game modes
  • Wandering Trader and his llama spawn in such places as flowing water and glass while he shouldn’t do that according to the Java edition
  • Tadpoles moving too quickly when on land
  • Polar bears run away when someone attacks them
  • Misspelled End Portal name
  • Mangrove Planks and other features contain the word Wood while they should not according to the Java edition


  • Normal players are not able to place blocks on those places that are hovered by those in spectator mode
  • Player’s hands are textureless when he/she holds a map and some other item while in Spectator Mode
  • Some new biomes are not benefiting from the Wild Update music introduced recently
  • Mangrove propagules drop items even if their growth does not allow that (in case they are silk touched)
  • Incorrect teleportation process when going to the overworld from any other dimension
  • Sculk catalysts react only when mobs with XP die nearby
  • Hearts obtained from the Health Boost effect disappear when leaving the Bedrock world
  • Zombie villagers cannot use boats or other transport if they do not have jobs
  • Azalea and Mangrove leaves do not let their host trees grow properly
  • Impossibility to place muddy mangrove roots in certain positions
  • Game crashes in different scenarios during the gameplay.

Dear friends, besides that you will convince yourself that all these issues (and other several less important ones) have been resolved, you may also notice that the developers:

  • Made iOS devices support the middle mouse button
  • Made sculk sensors respond more reasonably in such situations when nearby blocks make vibrations simultaneously
  • Improved the design of the toggle switches

Now, if you are ready to try this beta, don’t hesitate to hit the download button, but if you are interested in finding out more detailed information about it, you can watch the clip trailer.

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Clip Trailer of  Minecraft Bedrock

4 July, 2022
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