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Minecraft Pocket Edition - this game update was released for devices with Android OS, Windows 10 and Xbox One. On our website you can download Minecraft for Android. The link to the apk file Minecraft is attached to the below.

We want to remind you that last week the developers of Mojang released the update Minecraft PE for Windows 10, Xbox One and Android. For some reason, the MCPE file was not added on the Google Play platform.

(in the world of minecraft you can meet foxes)

But since Mojang released the update Minecraft PE beta for android, so the update Minecraft PE is no longer relevant.

We are glad that you visited our website to download the update Minecraft PE on android. On this page you will find out about all the changes in Minecraft Bedrock

(bees soon appear in minecraft)

Unfortunately, there are no interesting additions to minecraft The developers of Bedrock Edition didn’t add anything to the game, but made important changes.

Minecraft PE beta update was released with fixed bugs that were found in previous Minecraft updates. We recommend that you download Minecraft for Android because This is the most stable version of the game at the time of this writing.

(bees will be added to Minecraft PE 1.14.0. Already very soon!)

 Changes MCPE 
  • Items
    • Carpets once again appear on the Llama's inventory screen 
    • Crossbows no longer fire immediately after loading
    • Fixed the ability to discard damaged tools from the Creative inventory
    • Compasses and clocks once again animate on the hotbar
    • Armor can once again be equipped directly from the Creative inventory on touch screens
    • Frost Walker boots once again freeze water 

(these furniture can be obtained using modifications)
  • Graphical
    • The breaking animation once again appears on chests
    • Fixed the player's head looking wrongly when sneaking
    • Fixed the player's arms not animating when swimming
    • Mob heads once again fit properly on players
    • Fixed the Crafting Table icon not showing its grid on top in certain GUI scales
    • Fixed several missing and broken textures in the inventory
    • Fixed some skins appearing with a white cape
    • Fixed armor not respecting extra layers on skins
    • Fixed destroyed blocks leaving shadows  

(Savannah Biome Village)
  • User Interface
    • Various fixes and loading time improvements to the Character Creator interface
    • External servers once again appear on the Servers screen
    • Fixed the inventory screens of some blocks not appearing on the first attempt after the block's state has changed, like Hoppers and Dispensers
    • The Profile screen can now be accessed when playing split-screen
    • The "Read More" button once again appears next to packs on the Global Resource menu 

(screenshot showing the magician and his house)
  • Commands
    • The '/summon 'command once again properly names entities, if defined 

What's new in Minecraft Pocket Edition What features are in MCPE Watch the video review of this update on this page below! The link to the update MCPE beta is on this page below.

(This video was published from YouTube!)
Download Minecraft PE
Minecraft beta (Xbox Live)
Download Minecraft [87.71 Mb] (downloads: 2780)
 Soon there will be MCPE with working servers! Please wait! 

2 October, 2019

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