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Minecraft 1.0

Minecraft PE 1.0 comes with an incredible number of fixes, changes and new features. Starting with this version, released at the end of 2016, Minecraft Pocket Edition becomes more popular thanks to the introduction of new characters, blocks, items and other cool surprises, including the development of the End and a lot of features related to it!

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0 full version - Minecraft PE 1.0.9To make the trip to the beginning of the MCPE’s history start more impressive, we offer you a challenge: to compare the present version which is very important in the MCPE evolution and one of the newest versions, for example, Minecraft PE 1.13.0 or any other that you can choose from our Download Minecraft section. This way you can have fun at appreciating the difference between the good old Minecraft Bedrock features and the features available today. 

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0 full version - Minecraft PE 1.0.9

New items in Minecraft PE 1.0

Besides new items, this version also brings new blocks, mobs, and other novelties regarding the gameplay: 

New items: 

  • Elytra

  • Two lingering potions

  • Ender Eye, Pearls, and Crystal

  • Dragon Eyes

  • Chorus fruit and popped chorus fruit

  • Shulker shells

  • Spawn eggs with endermites, polar bears and shulkers. 

New blocks:

  • Chorus plants and flowers

  • End gateway and portal

  • Ender chest

  • End stone bricks and rods

  • Dragon head and egg

  • Purpur blocks, slabs, pillars, and steps

  • Stained glass and glass panes

  • Structured blocks and voids

New mobs:

  • Polar bears

  • Ender Dragons

  • Shulkers

  • Endermites

Other new features: 

  • The End with end gateway portals and exit portals.

  • End city

  • Igloos

  • Chorus trees

  • Levitation status effect for the player

  • In-game music that can even be downloaded on the player’s device

  • Achievements

  • Festive 2016 Mash-up Pack 

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0 full version - Minecraft PE 1.0.9

Changes in Minecraft PE 1.0

Game version 1.0 also brings a lot of changes, most of them related to mobs and items:

Mob and Item Changes:

  • Baby zombies are dropping loot if killed

  • Snow golems are attacking silverfish

  • Players will be able to milk only mature cows

  • If a villager is murdered by a husk, it will turn into a zombie. 

  • The Wither is peaceful towards the strays and the skeletons now

  • Magma cubes are not affected by water now

  • Horses, as well as mules and donkey are not following the player only because they have a food item in their mouths. This is valid for untamed animals. 

  • To breed pigs, the player can feed them beetroots and potatoes. 

  • If any mob is killed by another, but tamed one, it will drop XP. 

  • Tipped arrows can be obtained just like the ones in the Java edition of the game

  • Improved enchanted gold apples

  • Custom mushrooms can be transformed into huge mushrooms

  • Wearing a pumpkin will prevent the player from the attacks of the endermen. 

  • The inventory of the Creative mode now includes beetroots and soup of beetroots

  • Players can now drink milk in Creative mode

  • There is no more animation if the player throws any items. 

Other changes: 

  • Possibility to enable TTS in the music settings

  • The weather stops if the player goes to sleep

  • Putting 2 damaged items in an anvil or in a crafting grid will make one full durable item. 

  • The maximal building height is increased to 256

  • The pop-ups are more opaque now, thus have a better visibility

  • Mods now load faster

  • New sounds for creeper and minecart TNTs

  • Modified chat message positions

By reading the above-listed novelties and changes and by looking at the provided pictures, you can easily understand why this version is legendary and that it represents a huge step in the Minecraft PE evolution. In addition to all the newly provided features, the developers made a really great work at fixing a big amount of errors, crashes, and bugs, thus making it aversion not only full of new things to enjoy but also comfortable to play at. 

We cannot finish this article without trying to impress you to the max so, in case you didn’t know, Minecraft Bedrock released an absolutely awesome augmented reality game, now downloadable on our website. This game is called Minecraft Earth. Feel the contrast between the old, the new and the augmented reality features! 

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.0


Download Minecraft 1.0 [47.85 Mb] (downloads: 1511)

15 October, 2019
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