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Addon Guppy Fish 1.13

Guppies are small colorful fish living in rivers and Addon Guppy Fish brings this fish to Minecraft PE, to make our worlds more interesting and vibrant!

Features of addon Guppy Fish

Even if these fish are not very functional, they cannot protect us from enemies and cannot be tamed to be used as pets for different purposes; the guppies will definitely make our MCPE worlds more beautiful due to their numerous colors. The fish offered by this addon are available in ten colors, they have health of five and their main task is to make the in-game rivers more alive and vibrant.






If you want to be able to admire these spectacular fish in your Minecraft worlds, click on the download button.

Note that in order to use Addon Guppy Fish, you need to install Minecraft 1.14 or any other later game versions. Our website provides all of this for free. In addition, you can explore lots of interesting and useful mods, texture packs, and maps.

Download Addon Guppy Fish [638.68 Kb] (downloads: 205)


13 February, 2020
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