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Addon Reshaped Blocks 1.14

Addon Reshaped Blocks modifies the appearance of the most frequently used blocks in Minecraft Bedrock. Some of them will get their textures and shapes modified, others only their textures but they will definitely look better after installing the present addon. Check it for yourself.

Features of addon Reshaped Blocks

The addon improves the blocks in the following way:

  • The bone blocks get the shape and texture of chorus flowers
  • Obsidian is going to look like a glass pane
  • Non-flowing lava will also look like a glass pane
  • Mob spawners will look like dragon eggs
  • All the infested stones and  glass will look like fences
  • The seagrass will have the appearance of a coral fan now
  • The planks and logs will look like brewing stands
  • Packed ice will look like arrows
  • Blue ice will look like an anvil
  • Torches will be like textured lapis lazuli
  • Hoppers will be textured as iron blocks

We are aware that the description of some blocks might sound quite unusual, but if you look at the picture below, you can see how cool your blocks can become thanks to this addon.


If you want to try it, hit the download button below this article, share it with other MCPE players and leave feedback.

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Download Addon Reshaped Blocks [552.09 Kb] (downloads: 162)


9 June, 2020
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