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Addon Better Minecraft 1.16

There are many beautiful biomes, delicious and healthy foods, interesting mobs, and nice structures in Minecraft bedrock, but in case you already explored everything and want to see something new, try Addon Better Minecraft.

Features of addon Better Minecraft

By installing this addon, you will get the chance to explore an incredible number of new biomes, interact with many new mobs, try new delicious foods, and work with new wood variations.

Available Biomes:

Castle County



High Mountains




Herobrine’s Lands


Creeper’s Hills


Creeper’s Land


Epic Mountains


Grass Hills




Waste Land


Marsh Land

Wood Land Hills

Pines Taiga


Dense Forest

Low Forest


Enchanted Dark Wood

Lake Land Mountain


Wood Land Mountain


Fir Woods


High Land




Subtropical Plains


By traveling through these biomes, you will have the chance to admire the next structures:

A King’s Castle

A Wandering Trader’s Camp

A Zombie’s House

Herobrine’s Tunnels

Herobrine’s TNT Mounds


Herobrine’s Dead Trees

Herobrine’s Tower


You will also discover many trees and wood types. You can use them to build things that are usually crafted from other kinds of wood. These are:







Fruit Trees (olive, mango, and orange)


Since you have a lot of places to travel through, you may get hungry. In this case, there are several new foods brought by this addon. These are:

Salty Meat












Bread Loafs


Along your way, you will also meet new mobs:

Villager Warriors. You can tame these guys using cooked meat and as a result, they will follow you wherever you go.


Food Traders. They act exactly like the Wandering Traders, the only difference being in the products they trade. These ones offer only foods.

Bears. We recommend you not to approach their cubs because the adult bears will try to kill you.

Ducks. These birds offer feathers /meat upon death.

Herobrine. You might have noticed his name when we were talking about the available structures. He is a boss and he cannot be defeated.

As a bonus, the addon creator introduced a texture pack that you can use to modify your user interface. Look at the pictures below to understand how to enable it.





If you are ready to try the above-described addon, please make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16 or any of the other later game versions and after this click on the download button below the article.

We hope you liked the presented addon with all its cool features. If you did, share the article with your friends, and leave feedback.

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 Download Addon Better Minecraft [80.3 Mb] (downloads: 46)



13 October, 2020
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