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Addon Trevor Henderson 1.16

Addon Trevor Henderson, like its name suggests is a collection of characters inspired by the art of Trevor Henderson, who is a very successful Canadian illustrator and artist. We must warn you that even if the entities look funny and cute, they may attack you.

Features of addon Trevor Henderson

Available Entities:

TOTL has a health of eight thousand and an attack damage of three hundred. It is very aggressive, attacking any player/mob instantly.


Old Detective has the same characteristics as TOTL, but it attacks the victims by shooting from a gun. Upon death, it drops its gun.


Extra Slide has even more health, that is ten thousand but its attack damage is of forty. When attacking the victims, it uses to roar.


Ribbit has a health of five thousand and an attack damage of fifty. It can jump very high and attacks its victims instantly.


YoYo has a health of eight hundred and an attack damage of fifty. It is also aggressive.


Hugger has a health of eight thousand and an attack damage of five. When killed by it, the player will start looking like a human-like fiber.


Nurpo has a health of one hundred and fifty. Unlike the rest of the mobs brought by this addon, this one is friendly, its only intention is to collect coins.


Milk Water has a health of eight thousand and an attack damage of one hundred. Upon death, it drops expired milk.


Besides the described-above entities, this addon also brings the old detective’s gun that can be obtained either by killing it or by using command /give @s sc:detective_gun. You can use this gun to kill mobs but your health hearts will be limited to just one.


You can also craft expired milk, if you don’t want to kill Milk Water which drops it upon death. See crafting recipe below. We don’t recommend you to drink this because it gives a debuff effect.


Would you like to meet all these guys? If you do, click on the button below this article, but first, make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions (at least Minecraft PE 1.16)

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Download Addon Trevor Henderson [1.26 Mb] (downloads: 494)


22 December, 2020

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