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Addon Loot Bags 1.16.100

Addon Loot Bags brings different tiers of bags that drop valuable loot, for example, leather, golden, and diamond weapons and tools. The best thing is that in a recent update, the addon creator made it compatible with other addons, so these bags can be even more useful.

How does addon Loot Bags work

Like we already mentioned, there are different tiers of loot bags:

  • The first one drops leather objects
  • The second one drops golden objects
  • The third one drops chain objects
  • The fourth one drops iron objects
  • The fifth one drops diamond objects


All these bags can be obtained either by killing mobs or by searching in the structures located all over the Bedrock world.

To turn bags of a lower tier into ones of a highest tier, you can combine four of the first ones.

Important! To be able to use this addon, install Minecraft PE 1.16.100 or any of the other later game versions.

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Video of Addon Loot Bags

Download Addon Loot Bags [68.29 Kb] (downloads: 23)


25 December, 2020
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