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Addon SERP Pokédrock 1.16

Addon SERP Pokédrock, also called Addon Pokémon brings the most popular pokemons into our MCPE worlds. Among them are Pikachu, Charmander, Caterpie, and Nidoran. We must mention that these characters spawn naturally and can be mounted by the player.

Features of addon SERP Pokédrock

This addon brings the following pokemons:

Bulbasaur is neutral and can be found in different forests

Charmander spawns in mountains and in places where there is lava

Squirtle is spawning in rivers, but sometimes you may detect it in villages. They also like hanging around on the beach.

Caterpie is a weak pokemon, but if you are insistent enough to train it, it can turn into a great defender


Pidgey is able to fly and is very strong in its attacks

Weedle’s power is in its ability to poison so you can use it to poison your enemies

Rattata is a sweet pet that can become your friend and bodyguard

Spearow is an aggressive pokemon, but it is afraid of Pikachu


Ekan is very poisonous but it attacks only when it is attacked first. You can find it either in grasslands or in swamps

Pikachu, despite its sweet looks, can be very dangerous

Sandshrew live next to Sandslashes in deserts and are very peaceful

Nidoran’s power is also in its poison. He can be dangerous both to the player and to his/her enemies



Clefairy’s passion is the moonstone. It also looks for some, but if you have the possibility to hand this pokemon one, it will definitely surprise you

Vulpix is a wild mob and you can find it in the forest

Jigglypuff likes singing on rocks. Even if it is the sweetest looking pokemon, it has the ability to hit very hard

Zubat is spawning in caves and is never alone


Articuno is a legendary pokemon spawning in mountains. If you want to catch it, do it using the amasterball


Wild pokemons can be cought using the balls shown in the picture below. Depending on what ball you use, your mission will be easier or harder to carry out.




This addon also brings different berries that can be used to obtain potions and a special kind of candy.



These trees that drop the mentioned-above berries can also drop seeds. To make them grow into trees quickly, you can use mulch (see crafting recipe below)




There is also a legendary mineral that drops four kinds of precious stones: moonstones (Clefairy’s favorite), thunderstones, firestones, and waterstones.



By installing the present addon, you will also have the opportunity to interact with a unique computer that will help you sell/buy different objects.

To obtain this computer, use the recipe below and break its package.




Using the objects from the computer, you can create a machine able to heel your pokemons. You will need a special card from the computer (its cost is one coin) to use the machine.





To become the only person with access to the computer’s storage, you will need special cards. Use any dye to craft your own trainer card.






Perhaps you are wondering how to obtain pokeballs. Well, for this we will need apricorns. If you use mulch on them, they will drop seeds that will fall from these plants. The dropped fruit are the so-called apricorns that will help you create pokeballs.





Use the pokeball to catch a pokemon as shown below.


If you want to store your new pokemon, interact with the pokeball.



In a recent update, the addon’s creator gave the pokemons the ability to sit down.


You can even ride the pokemons. For this use the poke ride that that can be brought from the described-above computer.



After being caught, the pokemons require up to two hours to evolve, but you can make this process faster by feeding them with rare candies.



After installing the present addon, you will detect many different objects on the ground. By breaking them, you can obtain a lot of valuable stuff (for example money for your computer).



Are you ready to try this awesome addon? If you are, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16 (or any of the other later game versions) and hit the download buttons below.

To check other interesting new mods, visit our website and enjoy your time!

Download Addon SERP Pokédrock Behavior Pack [972.35 Kb] (downloads: 460)

Download Addon SERP Pokédrock Resource Pack [3.29 Mb] (downloads: 362)



3 January, 2021

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