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Addon Another Weapons 1.16.100

Hostile mobs can be really cruel and sometimes the vanilla weapons are just not enough to defeat them. Addon Another Weapons brings crafting recipes that will help you create new weapons against which your enemies will have no chance to survive.

Features of addon Another Weapons

We will teach you how to craft new iron weapons, but first, you need to obtain a basic part necessary for each of them, and this is a metal stick. Below you can see how to craft it.


And now, let’s see what weapons we can craft using it:

Iron Longswords which are stronger and more durable than the usual ones


Iron Rapiers which are even more durable


Iron Lances are slightly weaker, but instead, they increase the player’s speed


Iron Greatswords which are heave and reduce the player’s speed but instead, they have amazing attack damage and durability


Iron Daggers increase the player’s speed and have very good attack damage, but are not very durable


Iron Knifes increase the player’s speed thanks to their lightweight but have low attack damage and durability


Iron Pikes have poor attack damage, but high durability. They also increase the player’s speed


Iron Hammers have great attack damage and durability but can slow the player’s movements due to their weight


Iron Glaives which have average attack damage, but higher durability and speed


Now that we know how to craft iron weapons, it is time to switch to another material, which is steel. For crafting steel weapons, we must have steel ingots that can be crafted according to the recipe displayed below.


Let’s see what weapons we can obtain using the crafted ingot:

Steel Swords are more durable than the custom iron swords


Steel Katanas are not very durable, but look great and have an incredible attack damage


Iron Sickles which have rather average durability and attack damage


Steel Maces are very heavy, this being the reason for slower speed, but instead, they have a very strong attack damage


Steel Shortswords which are very light in weight and have a big durability


Steel Machetes are durable and have strong attack damage, but decrease the player’s speed


Steel Waraxes are perfect and very strong weapons against any kinds of hostile mobs


Steel Styches have high attack damage and durability and are very fun to manage


Steel Bats are very durable so you can use them for as long as you need to


And now, let’s get to the last series of weapons offered by this addon. These are heave gold weapons and their main ingredient is heavy gold ingots.


With heavy gold ingots, we can craft:

Gold Broadswords are handy to use and look very nice


Gold Sabers are not very durable but increase the player’s speed and have very good attack damage


Gold Lances are even less durable, but increase the player’s speed and have very good attack damage


Gold Naginatas have average attack damage but are very durable and look unusual.


If you don’t have enough time and/or patience to craft all the above-described weapons, you can obtain them using the /function Another_Weapons command.


If required, all these weapons can be repaired as shown in the picture below.


If you enchanted any of the above-listed weapons, we do not recommend you to repair them in the same way because they will lose their enchantments. You can only recover their durability by applying the Mending Enchantment.

To enchant your weapons, use the enchantment table or the anvil.



Dear players, if you want to obtain all the weapons we have described in this article, make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16.100 or any of the other later game versions and click on the download button below. Note that while using it, you should enable Experimental Gameplay.

For other useful and cool mods, visit our website and enjoy your time!

Download Addon Another Weapons [210.37 Kb] (downloads: 140)


9 February, 2021
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