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Addon HuntingCraft 1.16.100

Addon HuntingCraft improves the MCPE mob fighting process by giving us the possibility to create new decorations, comfortable furniture, strong armor, and even new types of food from their skins. Of course, to fully benefit from these opportunities, you will have to hunt a lot, but we assure you that you will get rewarded for this.

Features of addon HuntingCraft

Skin armor can be crafted as shown in the pictures below. All you have to do is choose what mob skin you like best for your equipment.














The armor can be enchanted as shown below.


You can also craft rugs to decorate your home









You can ride a bear by saddling it and managing its movements with honey on a stick



You can also craft a skeleton chair. To sit on it, use the interact button or click on the chair.


If you need a cool table, why don’t you make it from creeper skins? In the pictures below you can see that you will need to craft the table corners and central parts separately. 





Thanks to this addon, you can also craft some food, namely from pigs and chicken. Unfortunately, these foods do not satisfy the player’s hunger but instead, they give regeneration effects for two seconds.



In one of the updates, the addon creator introduced the possibility to craft a sofa from rabbits. For this, you will have to craft the left, middle, and right part of the sofa separately. You can even dye it in any color.







In addition to the equipment and furniture, you can even create a TV set by hunting (see pictures below)




If you didn’t like the idea of sitting on a skeleton chair, there is one more option: a wither chair. To make the player sit on it, use the interact button, and if you want to dye it, look at the pictures below.





You can also obtain a very cool-looking panda table that can also be dyed in any color.





If you are ready to start hunting in order to craft all the above-described armor, furniture, and foods, click on the behavior and resource pack download buttons below, share the article with other players who might like it and leave feedback.

Important! To be able to use the present addon, you should have installed one of the latest game versions, Minecraft PE 1.16.100 being the earliest one suitable for it.

For other new mods, visit our website and enjoy your time!


Download Addon HuntingCraft Behavior Pack [136.95 Kb] (downloads: 34)

Download Addon HuntingCraft Resource Pack [4.2 Mb] (downloads: 33)



12 February, 2021
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