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Addon Advanced Machinery 1.16.100

If you want to automate some game processes, for example, the extraction of precious resources Addon Advanced Machinery will come to your rescue. The new blocks and mechanisms will make your experience in Survival mode easier. Among all the existing mobs that bring automatic mechanisms, many players admit that this is one of the best.

Features of addon Advanced Machinery

The addon we are talking about today brings a total of fifteen new automatic machineries. All of them work thanks to a new kind of energy that was named Redstone Flux, aka RF. You can just stand back and watch because it sends it where it is required automatically.

The four main generators that make RF are the Combustion, Solar, Lava, and Water Wheel Generators. The first one requires coal input, the second one generates energy passively, but at a slower rate, the third requires redstone input, and the fourth also produces such energy passively. Besides these four generators, there are also the Steam, Bio, and Dragon Egg ones. They make RF from apples, saplings, and other natural stuff, from boiled water and respectively, from dragon eggs.

The machineries that use RF are:

  • The Void Mine Machinery. Its target is to make ores
  • The Mechanic Furnace Machinery. Its target is smelting and multiplying the ores
  • Power Core necessary takes RF to the machinery and does not even need wires or something similar
  • Sieve that clarifies gravel from dirt and other useless stuff.
  • Barell that extracts water from leaves.
  • Matter Convertor. It can make crying obsidian, soul sand, and netherrack
  • Automatic Farmer
  • Cobblesone Generator that makes cobblestone every little while
  • Vaccum Hopper that collects items on an area of seven blocks
  • Crusher that transforms cobblestones into gravel and later, into sand
  • Chunk Loader Machinery. It loads chunks on an area of four chunks
  • Conveyor Block. It is made from three iron ingots and represents magenta glazed terracotta
  • End Cake Machinery that is used to transfer entities to the End dimension
  • Spike Machinery that has the aim to destroy all the entities that are above it
  • Chopper that has the aim to chop trees
  • Fisher Machinery that is able to obtain fish when it is placed above water
  • Nether, Passive and Hostile Spawners. Like their names suggest, these machineries spawn mobs




Dear readers, to understand how all these machines work and see them in action, there is a video trailer you can watch before deciding whether you are ready to experiment with them or not.

Important! To make sure you can install and enjoy all the addon’s features properly, you should use a new game version, Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.100 being the earliest one suitable.

For other new and useful mods, check our website. Here you will also find many free and popular textures, maps, and other surprises that will make your gaming experience better. Enjoy your time!

Download Addon Advanced Machinery [4.33 Mb] (downloads: 54)


23 March, 2021
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