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Addon Defensive Machines 1.16.201

Would you like to protect yourself from all the known MCPE enemies in an effective way? If you do, we recommend you install Addon Defensive Machines because it brings many strong means including cannons and balls that will assure your safety while playing in survival mode.

Features of addon Defensive Machines

Thanks to this addon, you will get the possibility to attack flying hostile mobs including ghasts, blazes, and bees using the following machines:

  • The Air Cracker. This machine shoots fire and works on a radius of twenty blocks



  • The Air Bomb. This kind of bomb provokes a very big ammo0unt of damage


The hostile mobs walking on land including pigmen, pillagers, endermen, hoglins, illagers, witches, piglins, piglin brutes, zombies, spiders, and husks can be attacked using:

  • The Cannon. This machine aims at the target very accurately and can kill mobs on a radius of ten blocks


  • The Mortar. This machine shoots using small-sized fireballs, but the attack damage is strong. It can kill mobs on a radius of twenty blocks.


  • The Custom Bomb. You can ignite it with flint and steel and it can kill mobs on a radius of five blocks. Its attack damage is rather strong.



  • The Ignite Spell. This machine spawns three purple ignites simultaneously and this way is able to kill mobs immediately.



  • The Mini Bomb. This miniature kind of bomb explodes when a mob gets near. Of course, its range is not as strong as that of the normal bomb, but the effect is impressive too.


  • The Lava Launcher. This machine is truly fantastic. It has a very strong attack damage and an enormous range.


All these machines can be obtained through spawn eggs that you can find in your creative inventory or by using commands. For this, you should type /give @s def:(wanted machine), for example, /give @s def:air_bomb

If you have no pity for the hostile mobs living in your gaming world, try all these machines on them by clicking on the download button below the article, but first, make sure you have already installed one of the most recent game versions (at least Minecraft PE 1.16.201).

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Download Addon Defensive Machines [162.68 Kb] (downloads: 10)


25 May, 2021
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