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Addon Spartan Shields Update 1.16.200

Addon Spartan Shields Update is a remake of the Java Spartan Shields. It brings seven good shields that will protect your player’s integrity from almost any attacks. Some of them even give special effects.

How does addon Spartan Shields Update work

Before enlisting the available new shields, there are a few details you should know about them. These shields can protect you from many attacks, but unfortunately only if the attacker stands in front of you. It is also a pity that these shields are useless against the shulker bullet effects.

The shields have additional bars showing how many hits it suffered. Each shield has its hit limit.

Available Shields

The shields can be made from the following materials:

  • Wood. This is the weakest of all the new shields. Because of its material, in case the attacker is on fire but still has the power to attack, the shield will get more damage than usual. If required, you can use it as fuel.





  • Gold. This shield is slightly stronger and has knockback strength, but only if the push is weak. When holding such a shield, piglins won’t be able to see you as their target. When the gold shield reaches 0 durability, your health hearts will recover.





  • Stone. The stone shield has much better durability. Its knockback strength is the same as in the gold shield.




  • Iron. This shield has great durability and a knockback strength of two.




  • Diamond. The diamond shield has the same knockback strength but a much better durability than the iron one.





  • Netherite. This shield is definitely more special than the previous ones. Its knockback strength is of three, it has greater durability and this is not all. It cannot be destroyed by fire or by lava. If a piglin sees you with such a shield, it will change its appearance and become more aggressive, so be careful.





  • Obsidian. This shield is the most amazing one. It has fantastic durability, knockback resistance and can do a critical attack by ten percent.





All the shields except the one made of wood can be enchanted. All the shields can be obtained easily by typing “juanshields” in your chat as shown below.


Are you ready to try these new shields& If you are hurry and click on the download button but note that you will be able to use it only if you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16.200 or any of the later game versions. You should also enable the game settings according to the picture below. 


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Video Trailer of Addon Spartan Shields Update

Download Addon Spartan Shields Update [531.79 Kb] (downloads: 102)


10 September, 2021
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