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Addon Ores Plus 1.17

We hope you like mining because Addon Ores Plus brings an incredible number of surprises and possibilities for such players. By installing it you will get the chance to discover many new minerals and use them to craft awesome tools and armor, but this is not all. Read this article to the end to find out about all this amazing addon’s features.

Features of addon Ores Plus

Because this addon contains an absolutely crazy number of features, we will enlist them in the same way its creator did, but to figure it all out, the best thing to do is install and try it on your own, because only by experimenting you will fully discover how it works.

Elemental Totems. There are six elemental totems and you can craft them using ordinary totems and gem essences (we will describe how to obtain them further in this article). You will also need a special crafting table called Elemental Table. Below you can see the elemental totems and their crafting recipes. Note that each of them gives the player special abilities, for example, jump boosts, speed, or fire resistance.   








Elemental Armor. These armor sets can also be crafted on the elemental table that we will describe further in the article.


Elemental Table. Here is this fantastic table you will need to craft a lot of elemental objects like totems, armor, swords, etc.




The Powerless Gem that you will also need can be found in chests that generate in a natural way in places like nether fortresses, end cities, etc.



The White Diamond can be obtained from a special mineral that you will find between the first and sixteenth levels. You can use this diamond to create beautiful and strong armor and a sword.



Gem Essences. You will need these gem essences to obtain elemental gems. As you can see from the pictures below, some of them can be crafted, while the rest of them can be found in chests that generate naturally.









Elemental Gems. You will need these gems if you want to craft elemental armor and swords.  Below you can see a few gem crafting recipe examples.




Here is what awesome Elemental Armor you can craft with the above-mentioned gems. There is only one example of how to craft them, but there is nothing complicated. The process is the same for all armor sets. All you need is to obtain the necessary ingredients. Each armor gives the player special effects, for example, resistance, infinite jump boost, and speed.












And here are the Elemental Swords that also give special abilities. All of them can be crafted except for the Electro Sword that can be found in the end city chests.







This addon also brings many beautiful ores that you can use to craft armor sets and tools.


  • Ruby


  • Sapphire


  • Tungsten


  • Silver


  • Rose Quartz


  • Jade


  • Ambar


  • White Diamond


  • Platinum


  • Mythril


  • Moonstone


In a recent update, the addon creator added a lot of new armor sets that you can craft. You will be able to try armor made of:

  • Alexandrite




  • Pyrite




  • Moonstone




  • Ruby (reinforced armor)




  • Rose Gold



  • Emerald




  • Ruby (normal armor)




  • Sapphire




  • Steel




  • Tungsten




You will also be able to craft three kinds of Pickaxes that will help you greatly in mining. To craft one, put a pick on the crafting table as shown in the second picture below.



Dear friends, this is everything about this addon in general lines. If you want to try it, install Minecraft PE 1.17 or a more recent game version and download the behavior and resource packs.

For other mods, textures, and other game-related stuff meant to make your Minecraft PE experience more fun and interesting, visit our website and enjoy your time!

Download Addon Ores Plus Behavior Pack [671.89 Kb] (downloads: 207)

Download Addon Ores Plus Resource Pack [392.8 Kb] (downloads: 175)



14 September, 2021
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