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Addon Dragon Mounts 2 1.16.200

Many of our subscribers tried and liked Addon Dragon Mounts, but today we have something even better for you because its creator decided to update it and add a lot of new and interesting features. The new, updated addon is called Addon Dragon Mounts 2.

Features of addon Dragon Mounts 2

First of all, there is a new dimension to explore! This dimension is called the Aether. To get there, you should craft a special portal as shown in the picture below.


When done, put the portal on the ground as if you would place any kind of block and walk inside it.


Here is what the Aether looks like. Isn’t it fantastic?


In this new dimension, you will discover a new kind of wood called Skyroot. You can use it to craft things as you would do with any other kind of wood.


The Aether has a lot of mobs living in it.



Flying Pigs and Flying Cows. To ride these peaceful creatures, click on them with a saddle.


Swets. These mobs can harm players. They produce slime balls and provoke nausea. Swets can be of two different colors (see picture below).


Creepers. These creepers are not like the ordinary ones. They can spawn only in the Aether and can move and explode at a bigger speed. Upon death, these mobs drop useful dungeon loot.


Lightning Birds. Even if their health is not very strong, they can strike you with lightning bolts.


Aether Dragons. These kinds of dragons are bosses. They have the same characteristics as the Ender Dragons, but can also breathe fire. To summon one, click on the crystal (look for it on mountain peaks). Upon death, the Aether Dragon will drop an egg, its scales, and dungeon loot.



Minotaurs. These creatures are bosses too. They live in a Minotaur Temple, inside a special boss room. After jumping into this temple, you will fall into a very dark room. When you are there, you will get some information about the Minotaur from the addon creator. The labyrinth where the minotaur’s room is located is very sophisticated so take good care not to get lost inside it. Moreover, there are multiple traps and monsters waiting for you. The entrance to the room you are looking is covered in lava and you will have to pass through if you want to meet the Minotaur. When you are inside, click on the Minotaur’s head to summon it. Upon death, it drops an aether dragon egg, a super-strong axe, and many other useful things.




Ender Dragon. Of course, this mighty creature is here too, but it looks slightly different from what you are used to. Upon death, it drops its scales.


Now we are done with the new dimension and it is time to get further, that it, to the Nether dimension. Here you will discover:

Nether Dragons. These guys are also bosses breathing hell flames.



Magma Dreepers. These are really powerful dragons. They breathe very strong fire and have different kinds of attacks. Moreover, it is able to summon spikes and pesky chunks that can hurt you. This mob is tameable but to make it your pet, you will need a ton of magma blocks. If you succeed and the dragon stops attacking you, feed it with magma cream. This way it will become your tamed animal.


Wither Dragons. This kind of dragon spawns only in soulsand valleys. Give it a dragon egg to resurrect it. Its breath can inflict wither.


Besides the Aether and the Nether, there is one more dimension that can be interesting to explore. Here you will find:

Fire Dragons. These dragons always spawn in pairs on mountain peaks and can be tamed by giving them salmon.




Skysailors. These majestic dragons can spawn anywhere in the Overworld, but their appearance depends on the biome they spawn in. To tame them, you will need dragon meat. They breathe a blue kind of fire. These dragons live in nests and their nests look different depending on the biome. Upon death, they drop scales that can have different colors and if you want to craft armor using them, it will have the same color as the scales.







Celestial Skulk Gliders. These dragons spawn in caves and are absolutely blind. To detect their victims, they use echolocation. There are two kinds of attacks that they can use against you. You can tame and breed them with slimes.



Skeleton Dragons. Because these are the corpses of fallen dragons, they spawn underground but you can revive them by giving them dragon eggs. You can equip these dragons with armor if you don’t want them to burn during the daylight.


In addition to all the amazing creatures described above, you will also discover:

Dragon eggs which can be obtained by defeating dragons. After the egg hatches and a new baby is born, you can tame it with salmon. Note that the skysailor egg should be placed on a magma block, otherwise it won’t hatch.



Dragon armor that can be equipped on your tamed dragon and it will protect it.





The Skysailor Dragon requires other kinds of armor and here are the crafting recipes:





Dragon Whistle


Dragon Shears


Dragon Meat. It is dropped by dragons upon death and it can be consumed like any other food.

If you are ready to try this addon and meet all these beautiful flying creatures, click on the download button below.

For other interesting MCPE-related articles, check our website. Here you will also find the latest game versions, including the freshest one which is Minecraft PE! Enjoy your time!

15 October, 2021
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