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Addon Minecraft Earth Monsters 1.17

In 2019 the Mojang team released a truly spectacular game called Minecraft Earth. By playing it, the users could interact with a lot of unusual mobs that are not present in the vanilla Bedrock worlds. We guess that if you had the chance to try that game, you miss the mobs a lot, because unfortunately the Minecraft Earth project was closed, but don’t get too upset because Addon Minecraft Earth Monsters brings five of them into your world.

Features of addon Minecraft Earth Monsters

By installing this addon, you will bring the following mobs into your world:

  • The Tropical Water Slime. This mob spawns in oceans. It is aggressive towards players and axolotls. Upon death, it drops XP and tropical fish.


  • The Lobber Zombie. These mobs spawn instead of ordinary zombies. When attacked by them from a short distance, players get melee attack and hunger effect.  If these zombies are far away, they throw rotten flesh at their targets and give weakness effect. They also attack iron golems and villagers. Just like the normal zombies, they burn during daylight.


  • The Bone Spider. This kind of spider spawns below level y=0. It has a melee attack and gives wither effect when attacked from a short distance, but if it is far away, it throws bone shards at the player. It also burns in the sun, and like other undead mobs, it does not drown. Upon death, it drops strings, bones, bonemeal, and XP.


  • The Viler Witch. These witches spawn instead of ordinary witches in swamp biomes. Unlike the normal withes, these ones do not use potions, but instead, they can attack in three different ways: by throwing lingering acid, by throwing fireballs, and by summoning other witches that also attack. Upon death, they drop XP and the rest of the items usually dropped by vanilla witches.


  • The Skeleton Wolf. This mob can be found in Soul Sand Valleys. Unlike normal wolves, these ones are constantly aggressive and there is no chance to tame them. It has a melee attack and it is hostile towards the players, rabbits, foxes, and sheep. Sometimes it howls and this hurts the player. Instead, this gives skeletons and other such mobs a strength effect for a short while. Upon death, skeleton wolves drop XP and bones.


To download this addon and enjoy the presence of these legendary mobs, click on the button below this article, share it with your friends, and leave feedback.

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31 December, 2021
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