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Addon SCP: Dystopia 1.17.30

If you decided to read this article, you probably know what the SCP Foundation means, but in case you are here by accident, let us explain this to you in a few words. This is a fictional organization that is made of many departments and committees. Its name is deciphered as Secure, Contain, Protect, or as Special Containment Procedures. This organization has many targets and obligations, but its most important one is to keep contained objects, phenomena, and entities that violate natural law (SCPs). Addon SCP: Dystopia brings many of these SCPs plus several cool guns and a lot of different useful blocks if you want to try and create your own foundation.

Features of addon SCP: Dystopia

This addon brings almost forty SCPs among which are:

  • SCP 330 – a bowl with candy with a note attached. The note says “take no more than two, please”. If someone tries to take more than two candies, his/her hands get severed at the wrists by an unexplainable method.


  • SCP 049 – a very big humanoid that looks like a medieval plague doctor. Sometimes he becomes very hostile and moves very fast.


  • SCP 939 – big, heavy predators that are able to climb on different surfaces. It is not recommendable to move when they are around because their attacks are very harmful


We hope you are curious to discover the rest of the SCPs. You can also see some of them in the screenshots below this addon’s description, but of course that to be able to see them in motion and even to interact with them, you should install the addon.

At the beginning of this article we also mentioned that the addon brings many blocks that can be accessed through the creative menu.



There are also ten cool guns that you might need when meeting some of the SCPs. Use them carefully.



Below you can see several screenshots that will give you a clearer idea of what your experience may be like if you want to try this addon.


















Please note that Addon SCP: Dystopia can be used only by the players that are using Minecraft PE 1.17.30 or one of the later game versions. Enabling the Experimental Gameplay toggles is also a must.

We are doing our best to keep our website’s subscribers happy and provide the possibility to download the most popular mods, maps and other game-related surprises for free, so don’t hesitate to follow us if you want an even cooler Bedrock experience. Enjoy your time!

Clip Trailer of Addon SCP: Dystopia

31 January, 2022
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