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Addon Elingo's End Update 1.17.30

The End is a dimension in Minecraft PE where you can travel by using an End Portal. Except for a few mobs and other minor features, there isn’t much to explore there, but if you install Addon Elingo's End Update, it will change to an incredible state.

Features of addon Elingo's End Update

Before going to the new End, take a diamond pickaxe with you because you will need it there.

Once there, you will find:

  • Enderite Ores
  • Diamond Ores
  • Iron Ores
  • Darkium Ores




These ores can be used to craft armor, weapons, tools, and other things. We are sure that you know how to use the diamond and iron ones, so we will display only what you can craft using the enderite and darkium ores.

  • Enderite Ores














  • Darkium Ores










Besides ores, you will also discover specific End:

  • Berry Bushes (to farm them, use enderite shears)


  • Trees with fruit that grow in three stages


  • Structures (wells, ruins, houses)




  • Crying Trees with special leaves that transform into tears. The logs can be transformed into stripped ones if you right-click on them.




Here are other things that you can get in the new End dimension:

  • Fruit Soup


  • Cracked Bricks


  • Polished Stones


  • Polished Stone Slabs


  • Polished Stone Stairs


  • Mossy Bricks


  • Mossy Brick Slabs


  • Mossy Brick Stairs


  • Planks


  • Wood Slabs


  • Wood Stairs


  • Doors


  • Trapdoors


  • Shears (necessary for shearing the berry bushes)


You will be surprised, but you can even develop farms and make paths on the grass blocks that grow in the End.



Below you can see several additional pictures of how the End looks thanks to the above-described addon.







If you are ready to explore a brand-new End dimension, make sure you are using Minecraft PE 1.17.30 or any of the other later game versions, download and install the addon and turn on the experimental features as shown below.


For other cool mods, maps, and other game-related surprises, visit our website and enjoy your time!

19 February, 2022
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