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Addon Deathnerite 1.16.221

If you have to go through dangerous adventures in Minecraft Bedrock, especially when traveling to the Nether, you should wear strong armor and use weapons that can destroy even the most hostile mobs. Netherite is a good enough material for crafting such things, but today, thanks to Addon Deathnerite, you can obtain an even better material.

How to use addon Deathnerite

Below you can see the new material’s crafting recipe.


Here is what you can make using it. As you can see, you can craft everything you might need in your trip to the Nether dimension.










To craft all the above-displayed things, you cannot use an ordinary crafting table. You will need an updated one that looks exactly like the table below.


If you have a katana, we highly recommend you upgrade it with deathnerite, and this way it will become stronger than you can imagine.

Golden apples and carrots can also be upgraded like this and they will become more effective.




The deathnerite armor is extremely durable and it won’t protect you only from damage attacks, but also from fire and lava.




The armor can be enchanted if you want to make it stronger than any other armor.


You can also improve your armor with gold if you want to make it look better and protect you from piglins.



Dear players, if you want to make sure this addon works correctly, enable the Holiday Creator Features, Creation of Custom Biomes, and Additional Modding Capabilities.


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25 February, 2022
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