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Texture Pack Vanilla Animation 1.16

Sometimes the vanilla animation of most of the existing mobs bores us and we would like them to move in a different way, just for a change. When this happens, we can always try Texture Pack Vanilla Animation.

Features of Textures Vanilla Animation

This texture pack modifies the animations of the next mobs:

  • The Wolves (their sitting animation)


  • The Skeletons


  • The Zombies


  • The Cats


  • The Chicken
  • The Hoglins
  • The Zoglins
  • The Blazes
  • The Creepers
  • The Pigs
  • The Sheep
  • The Llamas
  • The Pandas
  • The Polar Bears

Some of these animations have been inspired by the Village and Pillage Update Trailer.

If you are curious to see all the above-mentioned mobs and their new animations, click on the download button below, share the article with all your friends, and leave feedback.

For other cool texture packs, visit our website. Here you will also discover a lot of other MCPE-related articles with free download buttons, including the latest game versions, Minecraft PE being the freshest one. Enjoy your time!

22 September, 2020
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