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Minecraft PE 1.14.20

Perhaps you didn’t manage to fully enjoy the previous game version, that is Minecraft PE, but anyway, we have a new one to explore. This time the list of changes is more complex, the developers and loyal players detecting more errors that they usually did lately.

Because this is not a full game version like for example Minecraft 1.13.1, you have to know a few rules regarding Minecraft PE 1.14.20. First, you should note that the builds created in it might not be as stable as the ones created in full versions. Second, you should back up your worlds, because it will replace your work in progress as soon as launched and you might lose them. Third, the builds created in 1.14.20 cannot be opened using any older game versions, so it would be helpful to save them too. And one more thing: while using this beta, you won’t be able to play with full version users and in Realms.

And now it’s time to find out what did this version bring to us.

What's new in Minecraft Bedrock

This version brings many fixes and changes, but most of them are just transferred from other beta versions released lately. This is a good thing, because thanks to this list, your gameplay will be much smoother now.

This time, we will enlist just the most important changes. The rest of them can be discovered by downloading and exploring today’s beta.

  • The crashes occurring during the gameplay, when using portals with other entities, when trying to place a compass with map in the grid, when loading a world from Switch and when using crossbows with fireworks in order to convert a world were all removed
  • The error making the chosen skin to revert to the initial one after reloading a game was fixed
  • Bug affecting the iOS 13 users when they tried to import .mcworld files on their devices was fixed
  • Bug affecting the iOS 13 users when they tried to import .mctemplate files on their devices was fixed
  • The bug preventing the textures and world known as LittleBigWorld from being used in cases when the users installed MCPE from a disc was resolved
  • The problem regarding the failure to load some textures on the Switch device was resolved
  • The split-screen users being left in a limbo state screen when the first user leaves the game was resolved
  • The failure to shoot using projectiles through honey blocks was resolved
  • The continuously bouncing state of the players when being pushed by honey blocks was resolved
  • The continuously bouncing state of the players when being pushed by pistons was resolved
  • The continuously bouncing state of tridents when placed on any honey block sides was resolved
  • The problem in regards to the bottles with honey show a wrong tooltip was resolved
  • The problem preventing Pillagers from attacking after a world conversion was resolved
  • The problem preventing players from getting a Bad Omen was resolved
  • A problem text-related bug occurring whenever the MCPE user tries different window resolutions was resolved
  • All the behavior packs work properly on Android now
  • The players will rotate and will teleport correctly now.
  • The problem causing a broken texture of the bee nests and beehives when they were set using a specific command was fixed

These and other changes can be explored by downloading Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.20. To do this, click on the button below the video trailer, share this article with your buddies and leave feedback.

Follow our website for upcoming game versions, as well as for many new maps, texture packs and other interesting MCPE releases.

Have a good time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.20

Download Minecraft PE 1.14.20 [90.24 Mb] (downloads: 8659)


31 January, 2020

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