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The Nether is getting more and more fascinating with each new game update. We all remember and still enjoy all the new features brought by the versions released after Minecraft PE 1.16 and here is one more: Minecraft PE bringing even more surprises and fixing the existent errors.

Please take into account that this is not a full game version and the builds created in a beta game version are not of the same quality as those created in a full game version. Another important fact about betas is that the player cannot join Realms and cannot play with full version users. Anyway, it’s never too late to return to a full version or to wait for another one to be released. In the meantime, let us explore what the MCPE developers prepared for us this time:

General changes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time, the list of changes is longer than in Minecraft PE, but because we know you can’t wait to try the new version, we will talk only about the most important ones, letting you discover the less noticeable by yourselves.

  • A crash that occurred when stacking slabs of diverse wood types was fixed
  • Blackstone is used in the Nether ruined portals and there are fire charges in the chests found there. The loot tables from those portals were tweaked so the roll number now is like in the Java game edition. Another change related to these portals is that they will spawn less often now.
  • The missing “change emotes” button was restored on Android supporting devices
  • The shape of the hopper hitbox is not too large now
  • Adjusted the textures of the nether Sprouts
  • The keyboard-issue on iOS devices was fixed and will not cover the chat anymore
  • On SoulSand the color of the flames will not be red, but blue now
  • The Bastion loot tables were improved and there will be magma cube spawners within these bastions now
  • The Crimson stems will not break the blocks under them when generating anymore. This is available for warped stems too.
  • The fortune enchantment was fixed
  • The problem preventing crops to grow under observers (melons and pumpkins) were fixed
  • The bug making the Ender Dragon reset in improper moments was resolved
  • The problem of a too big number of cats generating in villages was resolved
  • Players can now use furnaces to smelt gold ores and when they smelt ancient debris, they will obtain XP.
  • Fire can be turned off properly now and rain is able to extinguish it too
  • The bug related to the MelleeAttackGoal was fixed.
  • The armor rendered by Wither skeletons was fixed
  • The baby hoglins will now be similar to other mob babies, meaning that their head size will be slightly larger, this giving them a very cute appearance. Another issue related to these babies and their leads not being attached at the correct spot was fixed (this is available for the baby striders too)
  • More changes related to hoglins: when moving down blocks, they will not spin around anymore and their spawn rate was tweaked. Hoglins will now run away from zoglins and their process of transformation will be accompanied by a specific sound now.
  • About piglins: they will not float in the air when in minecarts or in boats. A bug making them despawn when Peaceful mod is enabled was fixed and they will run away from zoglins too. While admiring, they will drop gold ingots (if one-shooted) and they will equip golden armor properly now.
  • Zoglins: Like we already mentioned, a specific sound will be heard when a hoglin turns into a zoglin. When attacking, hoglins and piglins will run away from them. Their spawn rate, like that of the hoglins and piglins, was tweaked. The zoglins will become immune to fire damage starting with this version.

Now that you know what you will find in Minecraft Bedrock, you can download it using the button below the article, but first we suggest you make copies of your existing worlds and watch the video trailer.

If you are as glad as we are about the new update, share it with your friends, and leave feedback.

Visit our website on a regular basis to always be up to date with the latest game versions and with many other MCPE-related surprises. Have a good time!

Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

Download Minecraft PE [101.76 Mb] (downloads: 10801)


3 May, 2020

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