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After the grand Nether Update, the MCPE updates are getting more and more interesting. Last week we had the chance to try Minecraft PE and this week we will continue to delight ourselves with more changes and fixes related to the most mysterious place in Minecraft, as well as the rest of the game’s elements thanks to Minecraft PE

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time, the hard-working Mojang team had a lot of work to do. They fixed an incredible number of crashes and other problems affecting our gameplay. Today we will talk only about the most important ones related to the Nether:

  • The distribution of the biomes located in the Nether matches the Java edition. An important fact is that the warped woods are rarer than before now.
  • In Basalt Deltas, you won’t hear the respawn anchor charging anymore and the blocks will generate correctly here from now on
  • A crash occurring when the MCPE user equipped a netherite armor item, cleared it and after equipped another one was removed
  • A lot of fixes and changes affecting the Respawn Anchor: if it is not charged, any block can be placed against it; if its spawn is blocked, fallback is added to the spawn of the world; you will now get a “respawn point set” pop-up message for each anchor; if exploded under the water, the respawn anchor won’t break blocks anymore; When it depletes, you will hear the correct sound but you won’t hear its charging sound in Basalt Deltas anymore; the silk touch enchantment is used for respawning anchors now; you can mine these anchors only with netherite or diamond pickaxes.
  • The textures of some Nether blocks and bricks were either fixed or improved.
  • More changes affecting the piglins: you won’t be able to interact with them if they are busy admiring gold items; if he piglin holds a golden ingot and you distract it, the “oh, shiny” achievement will unlock; they will be able to outrun their colleagues, the hoglins; the helmets made of netherite will render properly on them now; when fleeing from soul fire (including lanterns and torches), they will emit a specific sound; Zombified piglins won’t drow in lava anymore; piglins won’t trade anymore if aggravated; while bartering, the gold ingot will render normally in their hands; each time a trapped chest is broken, piglins will get angry; the texture of the zombified piglin was improved.
  • Changes in regards to the bastion remnants: barrier blocks won’t generate within them anymore and the chests generating there will always contain loot.
  • Changes regarding vine blocks and weeping vines: twisting vine blocks have been renamed. From now on they will be called just “twisting vines”; when flooded, twisting vines and weeping vines will be destroyed in the same way as all the items; command:setBlock works on both of them; the silk touch enchant also works on both of them; when broken, they will both emit specific sounds; you can grow weeping vines with bone meal.
  • Placing quartz blocks in a stonecutter, you will not obtain smooth stone slabs, but ordinary quartz slabs
  • You will be able to use charcoal to craft soul torches and campfires starting with this beta
  • Netherite items won’t be affected by fire anymore
  • The mining time for the warped stems corresponds to the mining time of the oak logs. This is available for the crimson stems too.
  • Using a shovel, you will be able to mine soul sand really quickly now

These and other changes can be discovered by downloading and installing Minecraft Bedrock To do this, use the download button below the video trailer.

By visiting our website regularly, you will always have the chance to try not only the latest game updates, but also the most popular texture packs, mods, and other MCPE-related novelties. Have fun!

Video of MCPE

Download Minecraft PE [99.46 Mb] (downloads: 5569)


21 May, 2020
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