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After the release of Minecraft PE 1.16.1 full version, the developers took a two-week break but now they are back on the track, releasing two new betas in just one week. These are Minecraft PE released only three days ago and Minecraft PE which is the update we are going to talk about today.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

In this version, the MCPE developers had to fix problems affecting not only the players using Android devices but also iOS and PlayStation 4 users.

They have resolved the following issues:

  • Failure to show recipes in the crafting grid in case none are selected. Now this is possible by hovering over them
  • Failure to cancel the selection of a recipe from the book if it was previously selected
  • Failure to see the tooltip name of any recipe selected items when placed in the crafting grid
  • Recipe Select prompts not popping up if the user hovers over a recipe book item that cannot be crafted
  • Opening loom blocks making the game crash
  • Upgrading legacy chunks making them invisible
  • Impossibility to host more than five players on certain devices
  • /clear not deleting all blocks as required
  • New Nether mobs spawning with their bows, swords, and armor unenchanted
  • Certain trophies not unlocking even if the MCPE user meets all the requirements to get it
  • Impossibility to remove beehives, bee nests, honeycombs, and honey blocks from the shulker box or ender chest
  • Bugged trading screen slots.

If you want to try this beta version, go on and click on the download button below the video about it, share the good news with other MCPE users, and leave feedback.

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Video of Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE [94.95 Mb] (downloads: 2436)


18 July, 2020
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