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Goats and powders snow blocks are two new experimental features introduced in Minecraft Bedrock with the release of Minecraft PE 1.16.100. Initially, we didn’t know anything about these things, except that they will make our gameplay more interesting. In the article about Minecraft PE, the MCPE developers revealed a lot of information about goats. Today it is time to learn about the powder snow. All the available information about it and some bugfixes are featured in Minecraft PE

New fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

The MCPE developers fixed the following problems:

  • Outdated messages that are displayed on the loading screen
  • Some sounds failing to play in the Nether biome
  • The content of shulker boxes disappearing when they are undyed with cauldrons
  • Players getting off their boats when entering specific liquids, for example, water
  • The sign-in failures not giving correct and full error messages
  • Some chests not having the same loot in worlds generated with the same seeds
  • Powder snow not emitting any particles when someone moves inside it
  • Failure to navigate through such snow when sinking into it
  • The fire from mobs on fire does not get extinguished when they step on such snow
  • The fact that torches and other hot things could be placed on such snow
  • Gravity blocks breaking when they land on these new blocks of snow
  • Camera moving towards the mob’s head if it is inside such a block
  • Mobs that spawn within this kind of snow could spawn under the ground
  • This new kind of snow stopping projectiles
  • Lightweight mobs failing to walk through this snow
  • Some small mobs falling between the new blocks
  • Entities walking through these new blocks not making the correct stepping sounds
  • Lack of custom sounds when interacting with the new kind of snow
  • Wrong occlusion for powder snow

All the above-mentioned problems were fixed, but this is not all about this beta. There is more information about powder snow that you should know аbout:

  • If wearing leather boots, you will be able to climb on and walk through it easily
  • The blocks can be entered by different entities, but this makes them move slower than they usually do
  • If you want to pick up powder snow, you can use a bucket
  • Goats do not like this kind of snow and never walk through it
  • This kind of snow cannot be found in the Creative inventory
  • Mobs that are inside the new kind of snow blocks will suffer from a freezing effect but the damage from this effect can be diminished by catching fire or by using game rule in Survival mode


Are you ready to try this awesome new game update? If you are, back up your existing MCPE builds (to avoid losing them) and hit the download button below the video trailer.

Share the news about this release with other players and leave feedback if you are happy about it.

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Video of MCPE

19 December, 2020
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