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The Mojang Studios team aims to satisfy the wishes of all Bedrock users. Thus, they listen carefully to all their complaints about the detected issues and try to fix them promptly and effectively. Moreover, they try to notice the most preferred features and make them even more interesting. This is the case of Minecraft PE Last week, in Minecraft PE, they introduced many new lush cave blocks, vegetation, and more and in the present beta, they made some tweaks for most of these new features so they became even more interesting to interact with.  

In addition to that, noticing that the glowing squids and item frames brought in Minecraft (later these features had to be removed because of some problems, but now they are back again) have become very popular among the MCPE players, they decided to develop one more glowing feature, that is the Glow Lichen.

You will find out about everything we have mentioned above by reading this article, but first of all, we want to remind you that while trying a beta, the access to non-beta players and to Realms is not possible and that all your existing builds should be saved because this version is going to replace your work in progress, and this way you risk losing them.

New tweaks in Minecraft Bedrock

Starting with this update, all users will notice that:

  • They can shear flowering azalea and normal azalea leaves
  • They can compost moss blocks
  • They can shear small dripleaf blocks and they will drop as items
  • They can place a big dropleaf block on top of another one, this way increasing their height
  • They can use a shovel on rooted dirt, this way obtaining  a grass path
  • They can break cave vines using tools with silk touch, this way making them grow glow berries
  • They can use Pick Block on the same vines, this also making them grow such berries
  • The bees will interact with flowering azalea leaves and flowering azalea as they do with the rest of the flowers in MCPE
  • They can already use a mouse and keyboard to play if they are using an Android device that supports such a function
  • They can export structure blocks (this not being possible before for the Android users)

These are the new possibilities introduced in this update, but we also mentioned a new glowing feature, so, get ready to discover the:

  • Glow Lichen! This is a new plant growing in caves. It glows in the dark, but it is not extremely shiny. You will be able to spread its growth using bone meal. You can also waterlog, shear it, and compost it. Even if this new feature is already interesting as it is, we are sure that the MCPE developers will add more tweaks and possibilities regarding it in the near future.


At the beginning of this article, we also mentioned that the developers are listening very carefully to all the players’ requests and complaints, so they fixed the following issues:

  • Certain devices failing to perform some language inputs
  • The crosshair placement being wrong (also affecting the Android users)
  • A bug not letting the players shutdown their games
  • A number of resolution problems on Android devices
  • A number of network connection problems on Android devices
  • The device’s screen going black every time the player goes underwater
  • Powder snow dropping as a block when exploding with dynamite
  • Coal burning faster than usual
  • Leads not attaching normally to goats
  • Broken first-person animation when eating, drinking
  • Shield looking bigger than usual when holding it
  • Patterns in the loom that have other resolutions than the vanilla assets being displayed incorrectly
  • Players being able to craft only one slab when placing waxed and simple weathered cut copper in the stonecutter
  • Players failing to cancel their connection on location Server

Dear MCPE players, if you are interested in the technical part of the game, you will also discover many tweaks and fixes by installing this version.

If you want your friends to be up to date with this update, don’t hesitate to share the present article with them. Do the same with the upcoming versions. We would also appreciate it if you could leave feedback to let us know what you think about the new features and tweaks done by the developers this week.

To be promptly notified about the upcoming releases, we recommend you to subscribe to our website. There you will also find dozens of other interesting MCPE-related articles, each of them having free download buttons. Enjoy your time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

Download Minecraft PE [118.32 Mb] (downloads: 130)

30 March, 2021

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