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In addition to Minecraft PE 1.18.10 full game version, you can be among the first players to try another new game version released recently. Minecraft PE is a beta and besides the traditional bug fixes and technical updates, it brings more experimental features modifications.

New fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

We will talk about the experimental features later, but first, let us enlist the issues that have been fixed. These were:

  • Command /playanimation not updating the inventory character and the paper doll
  • Clerics trading glowstone, not glowstone dust
  • The fishermen boat trade not changing the wood type according to the villager biome type
  • Resource Pack tab not being present in the newly-developed Create New World screen (see article about Minecraft PE
  • The crouch animation not getting reset when the player dies, and this was the cause of players respawning in the same state
  • Fire resistance effect not having the required effect when the entity is on fire
  • The player’s hunger depletion state not matching the Java edition

You may also notice that a couple of trades, namely the armorer diamond and weaponsmith enchanted iron sword were transferred to the journeyman and to the novice.

And now, let us tell you about the changes affecting the experimental features.

  • When placed in a minecart or in a boat, frogs do not continue making jumping sounds anymore
  • You can tempt frogs vertically now (you can do this with turtles as well)
  • The frog spawns do not turn invisible when looked at from certain angles
  • Froglights behave as any other light blocks now and do not rotate like grass or sand


  • When a horn breaks from a goat, players will hear a specific sound
  • The goat horns make the correct sounds and use the correct animations when used

Now that you know everything about this beta, it is time to try it, share the news about its release with your friends and tell us what you thing about its features by leaving feedback.

The MCPE developers are already working on new game versions, so, if you want to be informed about their release, subscribe to our website. Another advantage of following us is that you can learn about the newest texture packs and other surprises and download them for free. Enjoy your time!

Clip Trailer of Minecraft PE

15 February, 2022
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