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After trying Minecraft The PE 1.18.30 which was released last week, we can enjoy the Wild Update features without enabling the experimental toggle again, and many of these features are even more interesting now, with the appearance of Minecraft PE

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

This version brings several nice surprises, but also many fixes that have been done in relation to the Wild Update features and not only.

Let us start with what’s new:

  • New Wild Update music
  • Stronger reinforced deepslate that cannot be destroyed by ender dragons/wither
  • Warden getting angry in more scenarios, for example when pushed by another mob
  • Warden being able to attack in a new kind of way: Sonic Boom


  • Echo Shards generating in Ancient Cities (you can use them to make the recovery compasses we told you about in the article about Minecraft PE

And now we will enlist the issues that have been fixed in this update:

  • Frogs not making the correct sounds when hurt
  • Froglights not making the correct sounds when they are broken
  • Soul lanterns, candles, and sculk veins generating in the air in Ancient Cities
  • Ancient City’s heart having missing blocks of reinforced deepslate
  • Warden dropping 1-3 XP upon death while he should drop more
  • Incorrect Allay interact tooltip
  • Reinforced deepslate being located in the incorrect tab in the inventory
  • Mud brick stairs and slabs not being located in the correct tab group in the inventory
  • Incorrect amount of XP obtained when using the furnace
  • Impossibility to compost mangrove roots in the composter
  • Impossibility to place overworld vegetation on muddy mangrove roots
  • Item icon for certain boats with chests having outdated textures

This is the main information about the present update. Please share it with other players and leave feedback if you want to tell us what you think about the carried-out changes.

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Clip Trailer of Minecraft PE

26 April, 2022
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