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After the first beta version of Minecraft was released, the game had a lot of bugs. Mojang developers very quickly fixed bugs, released an update Minecraft PE

We thought that with the release of Minecraft Bedrock, some innovations will appear in the game, but no. The developers of the mobile version of the game who are working on the Minecraft 1.14 update have not added anything new.

Minecraft Pocket Edition version fixes errors of previous updates. Also, this version of the game is more stable compared to other Minecraft 1.14 beta updates.

Download Minecraft PE for Android, please follow the link below. As always, our apk file comes with Xbox Live support.

Changelog of Minecraft PE
  • General
    • Fixed the Redstone piston mechanic in the Traveling Trader Marketplace pack 
    • Players using Vertical Split Screen can now select Featured Items in the Character Creator 
    • Equipping a new custom skin will now update the player model without needing to restart 
    • Players can now apply the Founder's Cape to owned skins
    • The 'See Pack In Store' button in the Character Creator can now be highlighted and selected when using a controller 
  • Gameplay
    • Tweaked Horse behaviour to Match the Java Edition when moving over Honey blocks
    • Players standing on a Honey Block with Jump Boost II applied can now jump up one full block 
  • Items
    • The "n" in "Bee nest" is now capitalized
  • Graphical
    • Water now renders correctly when a Kelp plant is placed next to a Glass block

Yes, as we wrote our developers of the mobile version of Minecraft did not add anything new to the game. Some changes have been made to the game to increase the stability of the game.

If you need any add-ons for Minecraft, then visit some sections of this website. In the  section mods for MCPE you will find modifications that add new blocks and items to the game. In the section texture packs, packs have textures that will improve the graphics of the game. Here are a few more sections of our website: maps, skins, seeds and maps.
Download Minecraft PE on Android


Download Minecraft (xbox live) [89.94 Mb] (downloads: 4799)

23 October, 2019

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