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Addon Star Wars Porg 1.13

Porgs are adorable and memorable creatures know from the Star Wars movies. Addon Star Wars Porg brings them to Minecraft PE. Make your world more vibrant with these little avians.

How does addon Star Wars Porg work

The porgs brought by this addon are individual mobs, meaning that no existing mobs will be replaced by them. If you want the porg to follow you wherever you go, you can tame it with seeds and if you want them to breed, use raw fish.



Because the porgs are little and innocent, they might be attacked by foxes, so make sure to protect them well.


Upon death, these creatures drop feathers and raw chicken.



Important! You can use this addon only if you have installed one of the latest Minecraft PE versions (at least Minecraft PE 1.14)

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Download Addon Star Wars Porg [98.94 Kb] (downloads: 81)


24 March, 2020
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