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Addon Blocklings! 1.16

Have you ever imagined that simple blocks can be described as cute? Addon Blocklings! brings some very pretty little blocks with legs called blocklings.

Features of addon Blocklings!

The addon brings nine kinds of blocklings. Each of these baby blocks has a health of five and drop their kind of blocks. Besides this, they are not functional and are developed just for fun.

Available blocklings:

Grasslings that can be found in plains


Loglings that can be found in forests


Cobblings that can be found in extreme hills


Leaflings that can be found in forests, just like the loglings


Sandlings that can be found in deserts


Cactuslings that can be found in the same biomes as the sandlings


Soul Sandlings that can be found in the Nether


Magmalings that can also be found in the Nether


Obsidlings that can be found in the Nether just like the previous two blocklings


Important! Because some of the available blocklings are spawning in the Nether, you should make sure you have installed Minecraft PE 1.16 or any of the other later game versions before installing the present addon.

If you like the idea of bringing these cute baby blocks into your world, be generous, and share this article with all your friends and leave feedback.

For other interesting mods, check our website, and since you are here, we recommend you to read the article about Minecraft PE which is the newest game update. Enjoy your time!

14 November, 2020
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