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Addon Star Wars 1.13

There is probably no human being who hasn’t watched at least one of the movies from the Star Wars franchise. All the characters featured there, both the positive and negative ones have become very popular, so Addon Star Wars’s creator, namely Doctor Joker, decided to bring them even into our Bedrock worlds.

Features of addon Star Wars

By installing this addon, you will bring all the heroes from Star Wars into your gaming world. You will also add the most famous machines and of course, lightsabers to fight the evil mobs. All the mobs and machines are divided into positive and negative characters. We will enlist all of them, but first, take a look at these awesome weapons you will have the chance to use against your Star Wars enemies.


Negative heroes and machines

  • Darth Sidious


  • Darth Vader (main and alternative variants)



  • Kylo Ren (main and alternative variants)



  • Supreme Leader Snoke


  • Darth Maul (main and alternative variants)



  • General Grievous


  • Boba Fett


  • At-St Walker





  • TIE Fighter





  • Stormtroopers (main and alternative variants)






Each of the above-listed characters has individual features, animations, and sounds. They attack corresponding to their manners from the movie and their targets are not only the players but also the positive heroes, the villagers, etc.

Positive heroes and machines

  • Yoda


  • Anakin Skywalker (main and alternative variants)



  • Rey Skywalker (main and alternative variants)



  • Luke Skywalker (main and alternative variants)



  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (main and alternative variants)



  • Ahsoka Tano (main and alternative variants)



  • Millennium Falcon




  • Han Solo (main and alternative variants)



  • Chewbacca


  • X-wing starfighter




  • Rebel Soldier  (main and alternative variants), (tameable with carrots, melons, potatoes, beef, fish, salmon, or bread)





  • Rancor



Because this addon is so complex, it may cause glitches. If this happens, disable the “mob generation” toggle and type command /Kill @ e, but note that you will have to add all the characters by hand. When “mob generation” is enabled, all of them spawn naturally.

To download this awesome addon, click on the button below the article, share it with your friends, and leave feedback.

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Video Trailer of Addon Star Wars

Download Addon Star Wars [6.63 Mb] (downloads: 24)


14 May, 2021
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