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Addon Asian Ghost 1.16.220

Comparing to all the beautiful features in our mountains and caves brought by the latest game versions, the features brought by Addon Asian Ghost may seem scary or even disgusting, but we assure you that behind each character there is a very interesting story inspired by different Asian legends. 

Features of addon Asian Ghost

This addon brings the following scary characters from Asian legends:

  • Pontianak. This is its Indonesian name. The same creature is known as Kuntilanakin the Malay culture. It represents a mythical pregnant woman who cannot give birth to her child.


  • Sundal Bolong. This is a mythical ghost from the Indonesian mythology. It represents a woman from the archipelago who is known to be a prostitute with a hole on her back.


  • Toyol. This is an undead child in the South East Asian folklore. It is usually invoked by black magic shamans. Toyol is also known as Tuyul.


  • Pocong. This is a ghost from the Indonesian folklore. It represents a dead woman trapped in shroud. It is also known as the Shroud Ghost.


  • Penanggal. This is a vampire from the Malay culture. It is active during nighttime This is probably the scariest creature because it represents a floating head with the internal organs hanging from its neck.


  • Hachishaku-sama. This character has its origins in the Japanese urban legends. She has the appearance of a very tall woman who constantly repeats the word “Po” in a creepy masculine voice. Her victims are usually young children aged 8-10.


  • Genderuwo. This scary humanoid is known from the Indonesian legends. He has special powers, namely to disappear and re-appear whenever and wherever he wants and to transform into a human being.


  • Okiku. This doll-looking monster is from the Japanese folklore. It is believed that this doll was owned by a girl named Okiku and when the girl passed away, her spirit started living in the doll.


  • Jiangshi.  According to some Chinese legends, this is a reanimated corpse wearing Quing Dynasty garments. Instead of walking, it hops with her arms outstretched. During the nighttime, Jiangshi hunts people and tries to consume their energy. During the daytime, it rests in coffins or other dark places, for example, caves.


  • Preta. This ghost has become famous thanks to the Vietnamese and Chinese legends. This creature is very slim and is always hungry. According to the legend, Pretas were previously very sinful people who transformed into monsters after death and their punishment is to always suffer from a very serious form of hunger.


Dear friends, we are aware that these creatures are very creepy and few people would like to see them in their beautiful gaming worlds, but if you have enough courage, go on and click on the download buttons below, but note that to be able to use it you should install one of the newest versions and enable the experimental features as shown below.



If you want to explore other free mods, you are welcome to visit our website. We also recommend you check the article about Minecraft PE because it is the first beta of the grand Minecraft PE 1.18 update and it brings important changes. Enjoy your time!

Video Trailer of Addon Asian Ghost

Download Addon Asian Ghost [14.23 Mb] (downloads: 505)


13 October, 2021
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