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Addon Poppy Playtime 1.18

If you are our subscriber, you probably remember Addon Chester and Addon Among Us. Both these addons brought characters from popular video games into our Minecraft PE worlds. Today you have the chance to try another similar addon that will bring a hostile creature from the Poppy Playtime game. The addon has the name like the original game, that is is Addon Poppy Playtime.

Features of addon Poppy Playtime

In MCPE, Huggy Wuggy which is the creature from Poppy Playtime, will have the same manners and abilities as in the original video game. This monster represents a very strong and tall creature that aims to kill the player. One of its distinctive features is that it can regenerate its health in case it gets hurt by faking its death for a while.

Below you can see several screenshots.












Another little but nice surprise provided by this addon is Huggy Wuggy’s statue. The player can use it to decorate his/her world.


There are several rules you should follow if you want this addon to work properly. These are:

  1. Install Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 or any of the later game versions
  2. Download and install the addon (the download button is below this article)
  3. Turn on the Experimental features as shown in the picture below


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14 December, 2021
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