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Addon True Backpack 1.17

There are many addons featuring backpacks and other useful items that are fit for stacking and transporting things, for example, Addon Backpack. In our opinion, the addon that we will discuss in this article, namely Addon True Backpack is one of the best among others of this kind because it offers more possibilities.

Features of addon True Backpack

One of this addon’s characteristic features is that it allows the player to see whether he/she is wearing the backpack or not.



The backpacks can be placed on the ground using a craftable glove.




Recently, the addon creator added slots for buckets and tools.





There are two kinds of backpacks. One of them is simple and has the capacity of sixty-four slots.


The other kind of backpack is more advanced and it has so many slots, that you can carry your entire neighborhood in it if required. The total number of allowed items you can pack in it is 16.384.


You can color your backpack according to your style and preferences. Below you can see the basic backpack colors and the result can be obtained using dyes.











If you want your backpack to look more exotic, you can color it in one of the below-displayed colors, but instead of dyes, you will have to use other ingredients, for example, amethyst shards, ingots, or glowstone dust.









The advanced backpacks (those containing more slots) can be dyed too.



We are sure that you will be very pleased if you decide to try this addon because it will definitely serve you well, especially if you own lots of things that you do not want to live behind when traveling in your MCPE world. Downloading and installing it is not difficult, but note that you have to install a fresh game version first (at least Minecraft Bedrock 1.17) and to enable the Experiments as displayed in the picture below.


When you are ready, hit the behavior and resource download buttons below this article and enjoy your new backpack. If you want to, you are welcome to share this opportunity with your friends and to leave feedback.

By exploring our website, you will find many other interesting mods and not only. We also recommend you check our Download MCPE section because this way you can learn about the newest game updates. Enjoy your time!

9 February, 2022
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