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Texture Pack SimplyCubed Beta 1.13

While most of the texture packs on our website have the target to make the MCPE world look more complex and realistic, for example, UltraMax Shader or Steven’s Traditional 64x64 Texture PackTexture Pack SimplyCubed Beta’s aim is to make it simpler and more cartoon-like. 

How does Texture Pack SimplyCubed Beta work

This pack removes the shades and other details from the Minecraft blocks, making everything look simple and nice and making us recall what the game looked like at its very beginning. 

If you are tired of how sophisticated everything is and want to keep things simple at least in MCPE, download this texture pack by clicking on the button below, share it with your friends and leave feedback. 

To take advantage of the latest updates, do check the game’s latest versions. By exploring our website you will also find a lot of cool articles with download buttons. 

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1 January, 2020

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ratedfoxYt17 March 2021, 18:41
I don't care if these is not the original creator I steal love it
LightslicerGP19 May 2021, 02:26
Nice stealing, luckily the next version will have the Minecraft logo have credit so try to steal then
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