Minecraft PE Textures

Textures for MCPE game

Texture packs for Minecraft PE section on our website is for every Minecraft player, especially for those, who spent enough time to recognize the appearance of every bush and stone in the game! They’ll change your game process radically, will make it more interesting, more pleasurable and even realistic! And if you want to try the best resource packs in the whole web - you’ll find them in this section.

MCPE-Universe.com is the place where every player of Minecraft PE will find something interesting for himself. If you are the person who likes lore - there are MCPE texture packs for you here! If you are the one who likes to bring to the game process things from the other universes - you can also find something for yourself here. Simple shaders, that will modify the MCPE lighting, consequently changing the whole world and global textures, due to which the appearance of traditional Minecraft cube will be changed and it’ll get the modern form. All of that things you can download for free in this place!

On one side, some resource packs for Minecraft Pocket Edition were created only to bring attractiveness and details for the world of Minecraft. On the other side, increasing the amount of texture packs can bring completely new interesting things to the game, which were not obtainable earlier in the basic Minecraft PE – a TV plasma, a computer, an armchair, a smartphone, a fridge and many more!

Imagination of MCPE texture pack authors is limitless, and thanks to that the only things you have to do is to find resource packs you want and set up them on your gadget! You can get acquainted with wide selection of different resource packs in this section of our website. If you want to be aware of all new texture packs - subscribe! And leave your positive feedback, it`s very important for us!

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Minecraft Textures

MazinPack 8×8 Texture pack

If you are tired of the standard Minecraft textures, then we suggest installing MazinPack textures. These textures are made in 8x8 resolution and have a more cartoon style. In the screenshots, you can see how the world of Minecraft will change with these textures.

4 October, 2019
Minecraft Textures

Lower Grass – Resource Pack

These textures alter the generation of grass on the blocks. Now the block of land on which the grass grows will be slightly improved. Grass will cover virtually the entire surface of the block of land.

26 September, 2019
Minecraft Textures

Minuscule 8×8 Texture Pack

These are textures that will make the game Minecraft graphics more simplified. Minuscule textures are made in 8 × 8 resolution. Vanilla texture Minecraft have a resolution of 16 × 16. You'll love Minuscule textures!

3 August, 2019
Minecraft Textures

Stevens Traditional 64×64 Texture Pack

If you are bored with the default texture of Minecraft, then we recommend downloading Stevens Traditional textures with a resolution of 64x64 pixels. These textures detail the world MCPE in more detail.

12 May, 2019