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Addon Godzilla Legacy 1.13

Our subscribers already had to face a lot of hostile mobs brought by Addon Fnaf Eternal Package and Addon Siren Head, but none of them compares to the characters you will be introduced to thanks to Addon Godzilla Legacy. Godzilla does not come alone. It brings along both its alies and his enemies.

Features of addon Godzilla Legacy

The mobs featured in this addon are divided on mobs from three different eras: the Legendary Era, the Heisei Era, and the Shown Era.

Mobs from the Legendary Era:

The Titanus Godzilla is very strong and attacks Evil Titans, Rodans, the King, and Ghidorahs


The Titanus Fire Godzilla is even stronger, but attacks with fire only the Ghidorahs


The Titanus Mecha Godzilla attacks with rockets the following mobs: Ghidorah, Godzillas, Mecha Godzillas, and Mothras


The Titanus King Ghidorah is a very mighty mob attacking Titans, Mothras, and Godzillas


The Titanus Mothra attacks Ghidorahs, Mecha Godzillas, and Rodans


The Titanus Rodan attacks Mothras, Godzillas, and Mecha Godzillas


The Titanus Behemoth attacks Ghidhoras, Monsters, and Rodans


The Titanus Scylla attacks the same mobs as the Titanus Behemoth but can deal more damage


The Titanus Kong attacks Godzillas, Mecha Godzillas, Rodans, and Ghidorahs


Mobs from the Heisei Era:

The Godzilla attacks Evil Titans and Ghidorahs with its atomic breath


The Burning Godzilla attacks Kongs, Ghidorahs, and Mecha Godzillas


The Ghidorah attacks Mothras, Godzillas, and Titans


The Mothra attacks Ghidorahs, Mecha Godzillas, and Rodans


The Rodan attacks Ghidorahs, Mecha Godzillas, and Godzillas


Mobs from the Shown Era:

The Godzilla


The Ghidorah


The Mothra


The Rodan


As you can see from the descriptions and pictures above, you won’t have any time to get bored with this addon. To download it, click on the button below, share it with your Bedrock friends, and leave feedback.

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Download Addon Godzilla Legacy [953.38 Kb] (downloads: 295)


5 May, 2020
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