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Minecraft PE 1.14.1

The last two couple of weeks we published articles describing beta versions containing surprisingly shortlists of changes and fixes. These are Minecraft and Minecraft Today we have a new release which is finally a full version, so you will be able to join Realms and other players who couldn’t be accessed while trying the previous ones. The developers decided to gather all the fixes that could be checked only by checking one beta or another in Minecraft PE 1.14.1.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

There is nothing you don’t already know in (unless you missed reading the articles published before). Why do we need this version then, you would ask? Well, there are more advantages. First is the fact that it is a full version, not a beta and this means that the builds created in it will be more stable. Second, you will finally be able to join Realms and other users who also prefer full versions over beta ones. The third advantage is that all the fixes and changes are available in one place, thus it will be easier to check.

Like always, the developers carried out additional work on removing several crashes occurring during the gameplay. 

In addition to this, you will be able to see that the next problems were fixed: 

  • Game crashing whenever an Android device user tried to access Xbox Live.

  • Game crashing after updating Minecraft PE from an Xbox One device

  • Low game performance in areas with many players

  • The low loading speed of some skins on servers

  • Poor stability of some on-line game features

  • Problems occurring when trying to play using PlayStation 4 devices

  • Achievements becoming accessible for all the users in multiplayer game sessions

  • Wrong view bobbing when looking in certain directions

  • Some items disappearing whenever the player creates more items

  • Milk disappearing from its bucket

  • Character Creator items being displayed incorrectly

  • Breakage of textures after deactivating some resource packs

  • Wrong position of the “sign-in” button

  • Failure to leave the Inventory of the Marketplace

  • Multiple errors in the UI when using the Japanese language

  • Failure to load the Mario skin’s description on some devices. 

In addition to the above-mentioned problems, the developers improved the behavior of the bees and monsters. 

To download Minecraft Bedrock, use the button below this article and don’t forget to share the news with your buddies.

Today we will have one more surprise for our subscribers, so make sure to follow our website. Here you will always find interesting downloads for the game, for example, Minecraft Earth, which is a very popular AR game or an article describing an upcoming game update related to the Nether, that is Minecraft 1.15!! Have fun!

Video of MCPE

21 December, 2019

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Screw you
Screw you5 May 2020, 03:59
  • This is not Minecraft pe 1.14.1, it's, either change the name of the fucking article or change the link to what we actually need dumb ass because there is a massive difference between and 1.14.1, anything that's not 1.14.1 isn't compatible with block launch thus cannot log onto microsoft with. Which makes it useless 
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Good game I like this game 

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I stil dont know how ro downald it

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How to downloade
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That was very important game for me
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I NEED minecarft old version 
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Donwlod minecraft 

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