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Welcome to the one of the best game projects for Minecraft PE. On our site you will find a large number of interesting materials for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Every day we add unique mods for Minecraft PE, best resource packs (texture packs), interesting minecraft skins, the rarest seeds for Minecraft, which makes our website unique!

The team that works for you on this web-site is quite large. Each of its members makes a specific contribution to the ‘MCPE Universe’ project. You can find interesting materials that will be relevant for you on our web-site.

We have a news section on our website, where we publish interesting facts, news and pre-releases of Minecraft for Android and many more.

Of course, we don`t only have the news section on the MCPE Universe. We have several sections, Minecraft Wiki is one of them. In this “Minecraft guide” section we answer your FAQs.

We observe that very often players ask the same questions that we’ve answered in our articles where the answer was clearly stated - re-read the manual again and you will succeed!

If you are not a Minecraft noob and you want to experience new emotions, then you need to download a new mod or add-on, as well as an interesting map.

In the Minecraft Mods section you will find dozens and maybe hundreds of cool modifications that you’ll like. We have mods and add-ons that add vehicles to the game: ordinary cars and sports cars, bicycles. In addition to technical mods, we have add-ons that add new animals to the game, new characters, and much more.

And now about the maps. In our project there are a lot of cool maps and you can read about them in more detail directly in the description of each map. You can download Maps for Minecraft PE with mini-games, maps with parkour tests, maps with puzzles and much more different thematic Minecraft maps that are present on our website!

No less interesting section is the Minecraft Resource Packs (Minecraft Texture Packs) section, where you will find the best Minecraft Texture Packs, as well as Minecraft shaders. You can change the graphics of the game using them. MCPE graphics can be more or less realistic. Shaders can add more animations to the game, such as waves, grass, leaf animations and more!

Minecraft seeds section is probably the least demanded section, but the player who understands the value of level generations in the MCPE world will be happy to see the best seeds for Minecraft.

We collect only the best seeds (Minecraft Game Keys), which you can use to generate the MCPE world and turn up at the best generation point, where all you need is. We recommend you to visit the seeds section for MCPE to get acquainted with the possible Minecraft landscapes that are available to you right now.

Popular posts

Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE

We suggest you read the full list of fixes in Minecraft Pocket Edition, as well as download this game update! In this update, the Mojang team fixed a huge number of bugs ...

15 October, 2019
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft 1.0

We are glad to present to you the absolutely unique and legendary version that changed and improved the whole MCPE concept. Download Minecraft 1.0 on our site.

15 October, 2019
Minecraft Maps

Thorpe Park (Theme Park) Map

A huge Thorpe Park theme park has been built on this map. In this parquet you will find more than 40 different attractions. Starting from a roller coaster, ending with a water slide!

14 October, 2019
Minecraft Textures

UltraMax Shader

These are excellent shaders that will improve the graphics of Minecraft Pocket Edition! Shaders add more realism to the MCPE world. You can see the screenshots to see this!

12 October, 2019
Minecraft Mods

Insane United World Add-on

If you want to somehow diversify your survival in MCPE, then you definitely need to add some kind of action or new blocks and items to the game to study. This addon adds to the game not only new items, but also biomes!

10 October, 2019
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft PE 1.14.0

The Mojang team released Minecraft 1.14.0 where bees, beehives and Nests were added. We will tell you in detail about the features of bees and also you can download the update Minecraft PE 1.14.0 for Android!

9 October, 2019
Minecraft Maps

SkyWars Maker Map

If you like to play with friends on SkyWars maps, then you definitely need to download this map!

8 October, 2019
Minecraft for Android

Minecraft Earth

Are you ready to enjoy the grandest Minecraft PE release of 2019? We hope you are because the big surprise represents an augmented reality game called Minecraft Earth!

7 October, 2019
Minecraft Mods

Decoration Furniture Addon

If you want to decorate your home with furniture, then use Decoration Furniture Addon. This modification adds a lot of useful decorative furniture to the game with the help of which your home will be more comfortable and modern.

6 October, 2019
Minecraft Textures

MazinPack 8×8 Texture pack

If you are tired of the standard Minecraft textures, then we suggest installing MazinPack textures. These textures are made in 8x8 resolution and have a more cartoon style. In the screenshots, you can see how the world of Minecraft will change with these textures.

4 October, 2019