Minecraft PE Mods

Minecraft Mods

If your game experience lasts more than a year and you started to getting bored by simple Minecraft PE gameplay – we know what to do! On the "MCPE Universe" project you will find the most appropriate mods for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Our team search for interesting novelties daily, so sign up to be up to date with the news!

In this section you will find mods for Minecraft 1.11, which will help your favorite game to become more dazzling and even more funny! If you desire to become a farmer, but the vegetables in your kitchen garden grow too long, then you should install a mod that will speed up the growth of plants. And yes, our website is the place, where you can find the one!

Do you know how to enlarge the amount of weapons for Minecraft 1.9? Maybe you want to be armed with Mjolnir? If you rather choose firearms than anything else – our team has collected some mods especially for your preferences! Even a substitution of forks and sticks with assault rifles and snipers is possible! Rifles, grenade launchers, bows, bombs and many more.

Do you have a stake in the car mods for Minecraft PE? There are classic mcpe car mod, minecraft sports car mod and even a minecraft tractor mod! Choose the one, get the keys, and drive! We sure you have no idea what mods for MCPE are capable of!

Mod-makers have no escape. Only their fantasy can stop them and nothing more.

Look throw this page to make sure that all you read before is possible. On our website you can find and download for free all the mods that you like! We work hard that you could enjoy your game! Download, install and apprise! Your positive feedback is the best reward for what we do! Minecraft PE will always be interesting for gamers until mod-makers exist!

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Minecraft Mods

Addon Last Ruins 1.16

If ruins fascinate you, you must try Addon Last Ruins and it will bring a lot of them to your MCPE biomes. This way your world will become more beautiful and interesting to explore.

15 December, 2020
Minecraft Mods

Addon Dragon Wing 1.16.100

Dragons look so majestic when flying with their strong beautiful wings. Did you ever wonder what it’s like to be in a dragon’s shoes? If you did, try Addon Dragon Wing.

13 December, 2020
Minecraft Mods

Addon More Simple Structures 1.16

Would you like to make your Bedrock world richer and more interesting? Addon More Simple Structures brings a lot of trees, blocks, buildings, and other attractive things for you to enjoy.

8 December, 2020
Minecraft Mods

Addon M Structures 1.13

If you want to enrich your collection of useful commands, we recommend you Addon M Structures. This addon brings an absolutely fantastic number of awesome commands.

4 December, 2020
Minecraft Mods

Addon Darkness Depths 1.16

Addon Darkness Depths is an impressive addon bringing new biomes, new mobs, new weapons, new items, new potions, new foods and ingredients, new woods, new blocks, and much more!

28 November, 2020
Minecraft Mods

Addon Conveyor Craft 1.16

Now, thanks to the addon presented in this article, moving blocks and entities will be much easier. This is due to some very smart conveyor systems.

17 November, 2020
Minecraft Mods

Addon Blocklings! 1.16

Blocks are blocks, no matter how you manage them, but today, thanks to Addon Blocklings! the most ordinary ones will become baby ones with feet. Are you curious to see them?

14 November, 2020
Minecraft Mods

Addon Goat Concept Replicas 1.16

Would you like to meet and learn about the behavior of a new mob, namely the goat? Try Addon Goat Concept Replicas and see if you like this amazing character.

29 October, 2020